Tutoring + Coaching


Your student isn't one-size-fits-all, why should their education be? Unique learning needs require unique teaching strategies. One-on-one academic support and coaching could be the tailored approach your student needs in order to get some school mojo back. Whether it's for AP Chem, English, study skills, or geometry, we have the #RockstarTutors who can provide customized instruction in all content areas, plus help develop executive functioning skills.

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Do you think your student would benefit from tutoring or coaching, but doesn't necessarily need an hour of one-on-one support? Bring a friend or two with similar needs, and we can set you up with a tutor who will provide small-group guidance with some one-on-one support thrown in.

Please contact us or call (510) 540-8646 for more details.

Executive function

Executive functions are a set of cognitive and behavior skills, located in the prefrontal cortex of our brains, which include planning, working memory, and inhibitory control. In short, content area is the "what" of learning and executive function is the “how” of learning; it’s how we get things done.

The term executive function has been a mainstay of the special education lexicon for decades. However, neurotypical students have executive function deficits as well. When students don’t have strong executive skills, they struggle to get things done in school and in life. 

Neuroscience tells us that our frontal lobes aren’t fully developed until our mid-twenties; so, it’s completely normal and appropriate that children and adolescents have executive function deficits. The good news is executive skills can be taught and, with practice, students can train their brains and improve their executive skills!

Please contact us or call (510) 540-8646 for more details.