For Schools

Unicorn Dabbing





A teacher and his students walk into a classroom. The teacher asks everyone to take out their completed projects and turn them in. A bunch of the students groan and begin to tell tragic stories wherein the aforementioned projects have been eaten by mutant pets or stolen by roving bandits on horseback. Half of the students take out their versions of completed projects, realize something (or 5 somethings) is missing, and beg for extra time in class to finish. Another group brings in projects that have been finished (for reals), but still need to be assembled. And a select few (one to three students) float in on a wave of rainbow glitter, in all their unicorn glory, and hand in fully-baked-wrapped-in-completion-ribbon portfolios.

Want more unicorns in your classrooms?

Then you’ll need to hire us to help you.

We - Chalyn Newman, Lisa Miller, and Tatiana Guerreiro Ramos - have developed a total package.

You’re welcome.