Enrichment Staff


Dounia Lomri | Director of Enrichment Programs

Though Dounia was born in the Bay Area, she actually grew up right outside of Paris, France. She attended NYU and had a blast exploring New York City during her time there. Since graduating, Dounia has lived in Guatemala, Argentina, Chicago, and Austin before moving back to the area and even though she is happy to call Oakland home, she still has the travel bug! Dounia has been teaching for years now and loves supporting students and their communities as much as she is able. In her free time, she loves to go running around Lake Merritt, reading books, and cooking delicious and hearty meals.


Bruno Anaya Ortiz | Spanish Instructor

Bruno was born in Mexico and came to the U.S. as a child. He remains deeply connected to his mother tongue and culture. In fact, Bruno is doing a Ph.D. in Rhetoric at UC Berkeley, focusing on Latin American identity and the way in which that identity travels with immigrants on their journey to the U.S. Bruno loves thinking and writing about languages, about how they inhabit us and we exist through them. He loves short stories in Spanish, complicated movies in French and critical monographs in English. When he’s not writing, reading or teaching, Bruno likes to hike up very tall mountains: Iztaccíhuatl in Mexico is his favorite, although Whitney in California is a close second. It’s fascinating to Bruno that although those two mountains are located thousands of miles apart and not geologically connected, the mountain ranges to which they each belong are both called the Sierra Nevada.


Chara Prescott | Spanish Instructor

Chara recently moved back to the East Bay from the Sacramento area and is pleased to once again call Berkeley home. Chara lived in a few different places before settling in the Bay Area, including Arkansas, North Carolina, Illinois, and Texas. She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and can speak conversational French. Her passions include cooking/catering, live music, hanging out with her family, and especially working with children. Chara is always excited to take on new challenges and is constantly amazed by her three incredible children.


Gabriela Bennett | Spanish Instructor

Gabriela has been teaching children in various capacities for nearly a decade. First, at NYU, she worked with Jumpstart (an AmeriCorps program) in a preschool in the Lower East Side. Upon moving to the Bay Area, Gabriela again worked with AmeriCorps as a youth development worker in East Oakland. Next came Classroom Matters, where Gabriela worked as a Spanish teacher, Spanish program facilitator, and helped to start the CMASP program as its founding director for six years. Last year Gabriela worked as a pre-K teacher in Berkeley, falling in love with all things early childhood education. Gabriela feels strongly that helping children feel loved, valued, and supported is the most important step to facilitating meaningful learning. When not working, she can be found walking with her pup, trying to keep all of her house plants alive, or enjoying concerts of favorite musicians.


Kyle Moses | Math Club Instructor

Kyle loves math and science and wants to share his enthusiasm for these subjects with everyone he meets. He believes they can provide a perspective of the world that is both illuminating and empowering. He recently graduated from UC Berkeley with bachelor’s degrees in physics and astrophysics, where he was fortunate enough to study both the very large, e.g. supernovae and galaxy formation, and the very small, fascinating world of quantum mechanics.

He has been a private tutor for 10 years and really enjoys delving into and exploring topics with his students. In his spare time he does a fair amount of math and physics, but also loves to read, write, play video games, watch movies, skateboard, play the piano and ukulele, rock climb, and go backpacking through nature.


juan li | Mandarin Instructor

Juan was born and raised in Shanghai, China and has spent most of her life there. She’s lived in the Bay Area since 2008 and received her BA from Holy Names University, as well as a Teaching Chinese as a Second Language certificate from UC Berkeley Extension.

Previously, Juan has worked as a Mandarin program coordinator, developing an AP Chinese course, and has also taught AP Chinese to 11th and 12th graders. She also has experience developing curriculum and teacher training in Shanghai.

Many years of working and teaching in China and the United States have helped her understand the differences between both cultures, and given her the ability to teach diverse student groups across the world. She is excited to continue teaching in the Bay Area, while always meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds.


Noemi sanchez santana | SPanish Instructor

Noemi was born in Chicago, and moved to Mexico, to a ranch in the state of Jalisco, with her family when she was 11. Noemi studied law in Mexico, and received both her undergraduate and her master's in corporate law from the Centro Universitario Zapotlan El Grande, near her family's ranch. After training in law school, however, Noemi wanted to pursue teaching, so she got her credential and has been teaching K-12 for the last 11 years. Four months ago, Noemi moved back to the U.S., and has settled down in Richmond with her husband. She loves to read, write, sing, dance, and spend time with her family and friends, and believes the best teachers provide their students with guidance about where to look, but don't tell them what to see.


Rosalind Diaz | Math Club Instructor

Rosalind is a Ph.D. candidate in English at UC Berkeley. She grew up in Colorado, both her parents are mathematicians, and she has a fondness for math problems, especially geometry. Previously, Rosalind studied English at Yale University, where she concentrated on Shakespeare and early modern drama, and worked as a costume designer for stage plays.

Currently she is working on a dissertation on narratives of alien invasion in contemporary science fiction. Rosalind also enjoys hiking and camping in the beautiful Bay Area. She loves teaching more than anything! When she’s not tutoring with CM or teaching composition at UC Berkeley, she is often teaching gender-neutral partner dance classes. Her tutoring style is mindful, responsive, and student-centered.


Sam Bordia | Spanish Instructor

An honors graduate from Cornell University, Sam has had a varied post-collegiate career, working in the shipping industry, consulting, and international development. He recently completed a masters degree in Development Practice from UC Berkeley, where he taught Introductory Economics courses as well as two courses geared for pre-law students (Political Economy and Bioethics). When he is not working on his sustainable seafood start-up, Acari, Sam enjoys travelling, camping, and paying way too much attention to the NFL and NBA landscapes.


Ximena Soza | Spanish Instructor

Ximena is a Chilean born artist, poet, researcher and educator. Ximena received her doctorate degree in Philosophies of Urban Education from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, where she also received her master’s in Cultural Foundations of Education. Her bachelor’s degree in education was received in Santiago, Chile. She also has acquired knowledge in many art techniques and several Indigenous languages of Latin America. She is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and is a fluent speaker of Portuguese and Italian. She is currently studying Tsotsil and Quechua, languages in which she is also developing pedagogical materials.

As an artist, Ximena has participated in several collective exhibits — two artist and solo exhibits — in important venues in the U.S., such as the Oakland Museum of California. Her traveling exhibit “Underneath the Soles” has been in Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala and Chile. As an educator, Ximena has work with a wide range of students. She has used her artistic skills to work with adult and children with mental illness and has also developed meaningful culturally relevant curriculum to teach in urban and rural areas from pre-K to college levels in Chile, the United States, Spain and Mexico. As a writer, she has published several short stories and poetry and continues to perform locally and internationally. She is currently working on a collection of inclusive, anti-racist, children books.