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Tameka Evans | On-Site Director

Tameka has been with CMASP since its conception, and she has helped the program grow immensely with her creativity and get-it-done attitude. She is a proud parent of three kids, one of which is a CMASP student and another who was a CMASP Junior Counselor. You can also find her in the office and cafeteria at Thousand Oaks Elementary, where she is the lead noon supervisor. Tameka’s passion is seeing children strive to do their best. In her spare time, she loves to shop, decorate, DIY craft, plan parties, and spend time with her family.

Amanda Burke | Co-Director

Amanda Burke | CMASP Administrator

A south Sacramento native, Amanda holds degrees from UC Berkeley in Art and American Studies with a focus on Race, Culture and Identity in Urban Schools. In her 8 years as an educator, she has taught art and children’s literature, co-directed CM’s afterschool program, and worked with local programs that prioritize under-served youth, social justice, and community involvement.

Amanda strives to be a compassionate ally to her students and to help them uncover opportunities for critical thinking and unconventional learning in everyday life. In her spare time, Amanda likes to scavenge for cool street finds, get lost in new video game worlds, read children’s literature, go to punk shows, explore the Bay via walking and public transit, and make art. 

Want to see the face behind the computer screen? You can find Amanda at Classroom Matters' hub in Berkeley, where she works as Director of Instructional Support and tutors many amazing young folks.


Gabriela Bennett | Senior CMASP Staff - Morning Teacher

Gabriela has been teaching children in various capacities for nearly a decade. First, at NYU, she worked with Jumpstart (an AmeriCorps program) in a preschool in the Lower East Side. Upon moving to the Bay Area, Gabriela again worked with AmeriCorps as a youth development worker in East Oakland. Next came Classroom Matters, where Gabriela worked as a Spanish teacher, Spanish program facilitator, and helped to start the CMASP program as its founding director for 6 years. Last year Gabriela worked as a pre-k teacher in Berkeley, falling in love with all things early childhood education. Gabriela feels strongly that helping children feel loved, valued, and supported is the most important step to facilitating meaningful learning. When not working, she can be found walking with her pup, trying to keep all of her house plants alive, or enjoying concerts of favorite musicians.

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Maria Torres | On-site Counselor

Originally from Mexico, Maria came to Berkeley with her parents more than 19 years ago. She loves it here, and has two sons in Berkeley public schools. Maria has worked with kids for five years, and particularly enjoys teaching them how to sew and make things with fabric. When she is not working with CMASP kids, Maria is running her own commercial and residential cleaning business, and making quinceañera dresses for her clients.

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Chara Prescott | Cooking and Spanish Language Instructor

Chara recently moved back to the East Bay from the Sacramento area and is pleased to once again call Berkeley home. Chara lived in a few different places before settling in the Bay Area, including Arkansas, North Carolina, Illinois, and Texas. She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and can speak conversational French. Her passions include cooking/catering, live music, hanging out with her family, and especially working with children. Chara is always excited to take on new challenges and is constantly amazed by her three incredible children.


Audrey jolly | Junior Counselor

Audrey is currently in her senior year of high school at Berkeley High. Although this is her first year working at CMASP, she is excited to help create a safe and friendly learning environment. During her free time, Audrey enjoys pursuing music, art, and planning her future college career. She is planning to go to school to study criminology and psychology, but is excited to spend her last year in Berkeley working with the amazing people and students at CMASP. Audrey hopes that she will be able to connect and guide students through their time at CMASP, and to help every student reach their full potential.


Camerah Evans | Junior Counselor

Camerah attends Berkeley High and is in the 12th grade. During her free time, she likes to play rugby and take pictures. Ever since she was a little girl, she wanted to be a teacher. She really enjoys spending time with kids and getting to know them, and loves working at Classroom Matters!


Oliver Mexas | Junior Counselor

Oliver was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but has since moved to several other states and to the country of Brazil, officially landing in Berkeley at the age of nine. He is currently a senior at Berkeley High School, and enjoys learning about math and anatomy, along with reading lots of books about anything and everything. His passions are mountain biking, rock climbing, reading, music, and learning about neonatology. Oliver also likes watching horror movies that are too scary for him to handle. He has greatly enjoyed spending time with children of any age, and talking with them, ever since he began babysitting at twelve and working at a daycare center during his sophomore year. As an adult, he plans to go to medical school and then on to being a neonatologist.