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EF Bootcamp - Middle School

  • Classroom Matters 2436 Sacramento Street Berkeley, CA 94702 (map)

In our 1-day Executive Function Bootcamp, students will get a crash course in the skills they will need to be successful in school.

When students don’t have strong executive skills, they struggle to get things done in school and in life. Neuroscience tells us that our frontal lobes aren’t fully developed until our mid-twenties; so, it’s completely normal and appropriate that children and adolescents have executive function deficits. The good news is executive skills can be taught and, with practice, students can train their brains and improve their executive skills!

From organization and planning to prioritization and time management, this workshop is designed to introduce online and paper tools and resources to help your student find the right strategies and systems of organization for their learning preferences.

Executive function topics:

  • Learning preferences
  • Systems of organization
  • Homework management
  • Going beyond homework/agency
  • Habits of successful students
  • Creating a productive study environment
  • Time management and planning
  • Self-advocacy/motivation
  • Managing relationships with your teachers

(Minimum enrollment per section is 5 students, maximum is 12 students for middle school sessions and 15 for high school sessions)

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