Administrative Team


Amanda Burke | Director of instructional support

A south Sacramento native, Amanda holds degrees from UC Berkeley in Art and American Studies with a focus on Race, Culture and Identity in Urban Schools. In her 8 years as an educator, she has taught art and children’s literature, co-directed CM’s afterschool program, and worked with local programs that prioritize under-served youth, social justice, and community involvement.

Amanda strives to be a compassionate ally to her students and to help them uncover opportunities for critical thinking and unconventional learning in everyday life. As an educator, she empowers every student to be an active learner by fostering self-advocacy. In her spare time, Amanda likes to scavenge for cool street finds, get lost in new video game worlds, read children’s literature, go to punk shows, explore the Bay via walking and public transit, and make art.

Derek Burle.png

Derek Burle | Tutor Supervisor

A Los Angeles native, Derek grew up knowing he wanted to be involved in both science and music. Derek also felt drawn to math, despite the fact it was always a very challenging subject. He had to work hard to master concepts, and with the help of a tutor, his efforts paid off in high school. Derek went on to study Earth Science at UC Santa Cruz and began his music career there as a bass player. As a many-year, veteran CM tutor, Derek has worked with students in math, science, history, English literature and writing, executive functioning and test prep. Having struggled through math classes in high school, Derek has invaluable insight into how to teach difficult concepts to students who are having trouble grasping material. In addition to Derek’s work with CM clients, he is a gigging musician, and a music teacher specializing in guitar, bass and ukulele. When not at Classroom Matters, you can find Derek playing the bass, at a concert, rock climbing or riding his bike.

Dounia Lomri.png

Dounia LomrI | Director of Enrichment Programs

Though Dounia was born in the Bay Area, she actually grew up right outside of Paris, France. She attended NYU and had a blast exploring New York City during her time there. Since graduating, Dounia has lived in Guatemala, Argentina, Chicago, and Austin before moving back to the area and even though she is happy to call Oakland home, she still has the travel bug! Dounia has been teaching for years now and loves supporting students and their communities as much as she is able. In her free time, she loves to go running around Lake Merritt, reading books, and cooking delicious and hearty meals.


Rosalind Diaz | operations manager

Rosalind loves helping students build the skills and habits that support long-term academic success. Her tutoring style is infused with warmth, humor, and a lively spirit of curiosity. She works with each of her students to set reasonable goals and practice sticking to a plan over time. She especially loves to help young people feel more confident about their math skills and tap into the creative side of math.

 Rosalind recently completed a Ph.D. in English at UC Berkeley, where she received two competitive awards for excellence and innovation in teaching. She holds a B.A. in English from Yale University. Both her parents are mathematicians, so she’s maintained her love of math through all those years studying English! In her free time, Rosalind can often be found crafting 3D geometric origami sculptures of various shapes and sizes.

Teresa Pham.png

Teresa Pham-Lac | Finance + Workshops Manager

Teresa grew up in Southern California and relocated to the Bay Area in 2016. Since graduating from UCLA, she has worked for a non-profit organization, a luxury private aviation company, and telecom companies. A “jane-of-all-trades” (event planning, cooking/baking, vacation planner, poker/mah jong player, etc.), she enjoys learning and picking up new hobbies. Outside of work, she is an epicure and likes to explore new restaurants, travel as much as she can, watch most sports, play board/card games, Netflix, go hiking, and catching up with friends over coffee or cocktails.